A Clean Eating Christmas

A Clean Eating Christmas: Is it Even Possible?

Christmas is my favourite time of year. Who could possibly not love Christmas?!

The days are crisp and cold; everyone is rushing around buying Christmas presents and far too much food. Then the dark, frosty evenings, so dull in November, are brightened up beautifully by an array of Christmas lights adorning almost every house. Some people’s lights are elegant and gracefully twinkling white or blue, others go all out with a crazy multi-coloured flashing extravaganza that you could see from space. I love them all!

The bestest thing of all about Christmas is, of course, the food!

Is a clean eating Christmas possible without feeling deprived? YES!! Of course it is! Just because we are using natural, wholesome ingredients does not mean that we are missing out on treats in any way. We just know that our health is worth more than the cheap, crappy ingredients that food producers have stuffed pre-prepared processed food with.

I will admit that some of my Christmas recipes are not exactly slimming, but I’m not going to apologise for that. Why not? Because it’s Christmas!

If you’re not sure what to serve up for your Christmas feast, let me help you. I’ve prepared a delicious feast for your special day. All you have to do is print off the recipes in my special festive e-book and buy the ingredients.

You can start your feast with Jerusalem artichoke soup, followed by succulent citrus roasted turkey, extra crispy polenta roast potatoes, dates in blankets (stuffed with goats cheese – these are divine), red cabbage slowly braised with apples and a glossy, refined sugar-free cranberry sauce.

A Clean Eating Christmas Dinner

Then impress your guests with sour cherry mince pies, a traditional fig Christmas pudding or a moist Christmas fruit cake. You can also serve mulled apple juice or hot chilli spiced dark hot chocolate.

Clean Eating Mince Pies

I’ve planned it all out for you, all you have to do is cook it. And that’s the fun part really.

You can purchase a Clean Eating Festive Feast for just £3.99. Take a peak inside the e-book in this article, A Clean Eating Festive Feast: Your Christmas Dinner Sorted.


Sonia Nicholas



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