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About The Green Apple Club

The Green Apple Club is owned and run by Bristol-based Biomedical Scientist and Clinical Editor, Sonia Nicholas.

Sonia Nicholas is a Biomedical Scientist and Freelance Clinical Science Writer & Editor. She has been working in the field of clinical science for fifteen years. Sonia has a BSc and an MSc in Biomedical Science and has completed The British Nutrition Foundation’s course, Exploring Nutrition and Health.

Sonia’s personal food journey began several years ago when she was suffering from severe, chronic migraines, rosacea, sebhorric dermatitis and anxiety.

The turning point for Sonia was when she went for a month without processed food (clean-eating), in a desperate attempt to alleviate her health problems. The results were amazing and now her migraines have gone, her rosacea is very well controlled, and her dermatitis and anxiety have gone completely.

Sonia has become increasingly interested in how processed food – such as refined sugar and carbohydrates, preservatives and additives – negatively impact on our health. She believes that everyone can improve their health by eating a clean diet – a claim that scientific research increasingly supports. All of the recommendation on the website are fully evidence-based and scientifically referenced.

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