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The Anti-Cancer Diet Summary

The last few weeks have been really busy and extremely interesting. I have been hearing about some of your own cancer journeys, and how food has helped some of you to take control of your own illnesses.

I hope to continue to raise awareness of how food and cancer are intricately entwined, so that more people can benefit from making dietary changes.

I’m shocked that so little of the current scientific research into food and cancer is being communicated to the wider public. To this end, and not at all what I had originally planned, my first ever E-book will be available shortly on Amazon Kindle. The book will go into more detail about how food is able to promote cancer, and how diet can be used to complement current cancer therapy. I am really motivated to get this message out there to cancer sufferers like my Dad.  I will let you know when it has been published!

Food to eat

Include turmeric and Matcha green tea powder in your diet every day (good advice for all of us with or without cancer). Research shows that these two foods have overwhelming anticarcinogenic properties.

Enjoy a mainly plant-based diet and include lean white meats and fish as an accompaniment to the vegetables on the plate, rather than as the main component.


Food not to eat

Avoid all processed food, white refined sugar and white flours as these foods promote cancerous growth and provide an environment in which cancers thrive. The information on dairy is a little confusing, but since dairy contains growth factors that could, in theory, promote cancer growth, it’s consumption should be limited in an anti-cancer diet.


Moving forwards

Researching and writing the articles on the website makes me feel really positive about the future of cancer prevention, management and treatment. I strongly believe that the dietary advice that I have been discussing, will be given freely by oncologists to their cancer patients in the next five years or so. My advice to all of you battling cancer now, is not to wait for this to happen. You need to make these changes today.

Many of the recipes on The Green Apple Club website are suitable for an anti-cancer diet. I welcome our new members warmly and hope that you will find inspiration and encouragement as you move forwards and continue to make positive changes to your lifestyle.


Sonia Nicholas

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