The Chemo Snack Box

Supporting Cancer Treatment with an Anticancer Diet

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, Socrates.

As many of you know, my father has been courageously battling stage IV metastatic lung cancer for over a year now.

For much of my career, I have written professionally about advances in cancer diagnosis, treatment and research. But in these last few years, cancer has touched my life personally, as several of my loved ones have been affected by the disease.

It is hard to put into words just how much I love my Dad. Watching him go through this experience breaks my heart.

But what I admire the most about him, is seeing him rise to the challenge. Fighting his diagnosis every step of the way, sometimes doubting his path and faltering, sometimes receiving bad news and being crushed under its pressure, but always, always getting back up. And never, ever giving up.


Taking control of an uncontrollable situation

Having spoken to many people with cancer recently, I know that the feeling of being out of control can be overwhelming. Although you are ultimately given the final consent over what treatment you receive, a doctor gives you the options available to you and tells you what he or she would advise. You can’t control when you have a scan, or how your cancer will respond to treatment. You can’t always get the treatment that you want, when you want it.

For my father, it is difficult for him to feel like he is doing nothing. He loathes having his chemo and then just sitting and waiting for his next scan, feeling like he can’t do anything to help his situation. He wants to try some of the revolutionary new immunotherapy treatments, but they aren’t available on the NHS or they haven’t been approved for use for his type of cancer. So he has taken control of the one thing he felt he could, his diet.

Current research tells us so much about how certain compounds in the body act to either promote or to prevent cancerous growth. Much of this research is carried out on cells outside of the body, in petri dishes, however research is now taking place to find out exactly how anticancer compounds work in the body.

As a fellow scientist, my Dad has done his research and reading, and he has a very clear idea of what foods will help to support his body in fighting the cancer.

What is incredibly frustrating, is that he can’t buy any of these foods at the hospital, or on the chemo suite. The shop in the Oncology Department of the hospital he attends, sells a wide range of sweets, chocolates and crisps. But no fresh fruit, no sugar-free snacks and no refined-flour free treats. The little trolley that is pushed around the chemo suite contains the same chocolates, sweets and sandwiches, but nothing that my Dad comfortably feels that he wants to eat.


The Anticancer Snack Hamper

This is the background as to why I created the Anticancer Snack Hamper. It is filled with premium, organic products that all contain scientifically demonstrated, anticancer compounds. The products are NOT designed to be used as any form of treatment for cancer. The box contents is simply a compilation of healthy, delicious snacks that patients like my father can eat, safe in the knowledge that they are supporting a healthy, anticancer diet.

The Green Apple Club Chemo Snack Box

These premium snack hampers are now available to purchase directly through The Green Apple Club Shop. You can buy the snacks as a treat for yourself, or purchase them for a loved one. You can add your own personal message at checkout, along with the delivery address of your recipient. I will send the hamper directly to your loved one, and include a card in the hamper containing your personal message.

The Green Apple Club Chemo Snack Box


You can read more about how food and cancer are interlinked by visiting the Food to Fight Cancer section of The Green Apple Club website.


Each premium hamper contains:

1. InSpiral Kale Chips 30g x 1

2. VitaSnack Tomato Crunch 24g x 1

3. The Giving Tree Broccoli Crisps 18g x 1

4. OmBar Lemon & Green Tea Raw Cacao Bar 30g x 1

5. Beond Acai Bar 35g x 1

6. Pukka Three Ginger Tea Bags x 4

7. Tea Pigs Matcha Green Tea Sachet x 1

8. Box Contents Information Leaflet – an information sheet detailing the purpose of the hamper and the reasons why each product has been selected.


Purchase the Anticancer Snack Hamper Now


Important Medical Disclaimer – Sonia Nicholas is not a doctor, nor is she qualified to give medical advice. The scientific details given in this leaflet are for general interest only. You must only take treatment advice from qualified medical professionals. The products provided in this hamper are not designed to be used as a replacement for your medical treatments, and are not designed to be used to treat cancer in any way. Anti-cancer compounds found in food are not a medical treatment for cancer, the products in this hamper are healthy, supporting snacks that help to promote an anticancer diet.

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