28 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Start 2017 with the 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge

How do you feel right now? Do you feel fantastic, or are you tired? Is your skin dull? Do you get more headaches than you used to? Are you overweight?

Perhaps the reason you don’t feel so good is because you are stressed, you didn’t sleep well, or you have an underlying chronic illness such as migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or a thyroid deficiency.

But what if there’s something else contributing to your symptoms? Could something in the food you eat be making you feel unwell? The 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge is a way to determine if you are reacting badly to something in your diet, for example chemical additives, refined sugar or preservatives.

Even if you don’t have an underlying health condition, this challenge gives your body a full nutritional reset by providing only food that contributes to good health. The structured meals and snacks will also reset your internal hormone balance (essential for sustained weight loss) and keep your blood sugar levels steady (required for diabetic and migraine control).

Join The Green Apple Club and cut processed food out of your diet for 28 days. We will be completing a group challenge on Facebook starting on 2nd January 2017. You can also join me in the members-only private forum on this website, where I’ll be posting daily and encouraging you to join me!!!

Join The Green Apple Club for free before we start, and access:


Meal planning tools such as printable, blank meal planners and shopping lists

Blank meal planner template
Blank meal planner template
Shopping list
Blank shopping list template



Online 28 DAYS Clean Eating meal challenges (Economy, Weight-Loss and Premium) with full one month meal plans and weekly shopping lists, all worked out for you.

Days 1-3 of the Clean Eating Challenge for Weight Loss. Tick off each meal as you complete it.
Days 1-3 of the Clean Eating Challenge for Weight Loss. Tick off each meal as you complete it.


Until January 2nd 2017, you can also download a free copy of the 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge E-Book Guide, with full details of what you should and shouldn’t eat, free recipes, and printable copies of all available meal plans.

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