Overview: The Anticancer Diet

When we think about how food relates to cancer, we can roughly divide what we eat into food that can promote cancer (encourages cancer to grow), and food that can help to prevent cancer (an anticancer diet).

In previous articles, we’ve explored how different types of food can promote cancer (links are at the bottom of the page), so now we will focus on the anticancer diet and what we can eat, alongside medical cancer treatments, to help prevent cancer from developing and progressing.

food that fights cancer


The anticancer diet: food that fights cancer

Fruit and vegetables provide the body with essential energy, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. But this isn’t their only value; they also contain phytochemicals – compounds that have significant anti-cancer properties.

Scientific studies show evidence that eating food containing these phytochemicals, everyday, could help to prevent some cancers from ever developing. Their anticancer value can also be used to complement pharmaceutical and surgical therapy in the fight against existing cancers.


Phytochemicals – nature’s pharmaceuticals

Different plants contain varying types and amounts of anticancer phytochemicals that are able to disrupt cancer cells and stop them from developing and progressing.Table for article

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the following anticancer foods in more detail:


Each week we will look at one of the above food groups to find out how each one specifically acts against cancer, we’ll discover what current scientific evidence tells us about how best to prepare each food type to allow us to take advantage of these anticancer properties, and we’ll share some delicious recipes to get you started.


If you have cancer

Please note, this article, in no way suggests that you should replace the treatment recommended by your doctor with an anticancer diet. These foods are suggested as a way of complementing your oncology treatment. Any significant dietary changes should be discussed with your doctor.


This feature has now finished, for more detailed information on the anticancer diet, the book ‘Food to Fight Cancer: What Your Doctors Aren’t Ready to Tell You’, is available to purchase in The Green Apple Club Shop.


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