Autumn Clean Eating Recipes

Autumn Clean Eating Recipes

Our supermarkets serve us so well that many foods are available to us all year round, whether they are in season or not. However, choosing local, seasonal produce, ensures that the food is at its peak both in terms of flavour and nutritional value.

Autumn provides us with increasingly warm, hearty produce such as vibrant squashes, soft plums, crisp apples and plump hedgerow fruits. At the start of the autumn, while the weather is mild, we still fancy lighter foods, such as seasonal fruit salads or simple roasted vegetables. Then as the season progresses and the air cools, it’s time to start embracing spiced soups and hearty stews.

Autumn clean eating recipes

Sticky Plum Porridge
Clean-Eating Plum Porridge


Dairy-Free Blackberry & Lemon Syllabub

Clean-Eating Dessert Blackberry syllabub


Two Ingredient Blackberry Sauce

Clean-Eating Blackberry sauce


Honey Glazed Parsnips

Clean-Eating Honey Glazed Parsnips


Autumn Harvest Fruit Pie

Clean-Eating Apple Plum Pie


Apple & Blackberry Smoothie

Clean-Eating Blackberry and Apple Smoothie


Early Autumn Fruit Platter

Clean-Eating fruit platter


Spiced Apple Rings

Clean-Eating Baked Apple Rings


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