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Free Clean Eating Diet Plan

Clean eating is very much a way of life, with the aim of reducing the amount of processed food that we eat, as a way of improving our health.

Many people start clean eating because they want to lose weight and this is because as a lifestyle change, clean eating is much more sustainable than a short term diet.

Members of The Green Apple Club have access to three different meal plans, one of which is a clean eating diet plan.


The clean eating diet plan

One of the happy by-products of clean eating, is weight loss. This is mainly due to the removal of highly processed, calorie laden snacks and convenience foods from the diet. These foods, which do not contribute to good health, are replaced by plenty of healthy foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, unprocessed meat and fish (unless you are a vegetarian) and full fat dairy. Low-fat and fat-free dairy products are not only highly processed, but they are often laced with large quantities of sugar. Additionally, studies have shown that people who eat full fat dairy products are more likely to lose weight and keep that weight off in the long run.


28 Days of Snacks and Meals

You will be pleased to hear that The Green Apple Club clean eating diet plan includes a lot of food! Three full meals and two snacks a day that are designed to keep you full and satiated. Each meal contains a balance of protein, complex carbohydrate and fat – vital for keeping you fuller for longer. This food will help to prevent you reaching for unhealthy snacks that could derail your progress.

The meal plans contain a whole 28 day’s worth of meals and snacks. Not only that, but the daily meal planners, weekly food prep lists and shopping lists have also been worked out for you. All you have to do it print the list and take it to the supermarket!

Enjoy a different homemade soup every week, and prepare recipes such as Lentil Bolognese, chicken nuggets and homemade granola.


Membership is free

When you sign up for free membership to The Green Apple Club, you will receive a free E-book, ‘Getting Started on Your Clean Eating Journey’ with practical advice on how to begin. You will also receive a free, printable 7 Day Clean Eating Plan and shopping list, and of course access to the members area of the website with the online meal planners and shopping lists for the clean eating diet plan.

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