Clean Eating for Beginners

Clean Eating for Beginners

If you are just starting out, the prospect of removing all processed food from your diet can be pretty daunting. This clean eating for beginners guide, is a quick, visual list, to help you determine what foods you should include in your diet, as well as knowing which foods to avoid.

The definition of clean eating varies depending on the source. Here at The Green Apple Club, we refer to clean food as being simply unprocessed.

Clean Eating for Beginners: Let’s Start with the ‘No’ List

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t eat – as clean eating beginners, we want to avoid food that has been processed in a way that removes nutrients, minerals or fibre. We want to avoid food with added chemicals that can contribute to illness and we want to avoid food with no nutritional value.


Fresh protein

Natural preservation methods of salting and wood smoking are fine. Avoid meat and fish that have been preserved with chemical additives. Processed meat is not clean.



Clean dairy

Not all clean-eaters eat dairy. If you are not intolerant then there is no reason not to include some dairy in your diet. Choose cheeses, yoghurts and milks that contain just milk (and possibly salt).


The Clean Store Cupboard

There are plenty of store cupboard basics to choose from. Read your labels carefully to avoid sneaky added sugars and preservatives. ‘Natural’ flavourings and colourings should also be avoided as they are highly processed despite the name.



Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive. Everyone’s definition of clean eating is different, and we all react differently to different foods. In that respect, you will need to make your own decisions with regards to what you wish to include in your diet. Feel free to add to the food list in the comments.

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