Free Clean-Eating Meal Plans

Free Clean Eating Meal Plans from The Green Apple Club

The hard work has been done for you: choose from three clean eating meal plans and shopping lists

Starting out on your clean eating journey can be a daunting prospect. At first, it may just seem like a whole lot of rules and a long list of food that you can’t eat. But once you get started, you’ll realise that there is a huge array of beautiful, natural and nutritious foods that are available to you.

As a beginner to the clean eating lifestyle, meal planning and food preparation can seem overwhelmingly complex and time-consuming. But practice makes perfect and after a few weeks this will start to come naturally to you.

In order to help you get started in a stress-free manner, The Green Apple Club offers its members, three unique clean-eating meal plans:

Economy Clean Eating Meal Plans

– a budget clean eating meal plan. Learn how to plan meals, bulk buy, use store-cupboard ingredients and utilise leftovers to eat fresh, wholesome food on a tight budget.

Weight-Loss Clean Eating Meal Plans

– a low cost, low carb clean eating meal plan. Use this meal plan to learn about portion sizes, meal planning, and ways to replace processed carbohydrates with low-carb equivalents.

Premium Clean-Eating Meal Plans

– a more varied clean eating meal plan. This plan uses more recipes from the website and a wider variety of clean-eating ingredients.


These clean eating meal plans are COMPLETELY FREE and all of the hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is decide which meal plan to follow, print off the shopping list and buy the food! Each meal plan contains:

– Complete shopping list

– Weekly meal prep list and instructions

– Three balanced meals a day

– Two filling, balanced snacks a day

– Online daily meal planner and tick box checklists

– You can use the meal plans to take the 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge, and learn about how the food you eat affects your health. Or, you can simply use the meal plans to help you as you begin your journey.

Let us do the hard work for you so that you can concentrate on eating well and learning to meal prep, without the hassle of meal planning and compiling shopping lists.
Become a free member of The Green Apple Club to get full access to the member’s website, where you can:

– Choose your meal plan

– Access the online meal planners and shopping lists

– Save your favourite recipes and articles

– Print blank shopping lists and meal planners

– New members also receive a free E-book – Getting Started on Your Clean-Eating Journey. An exclusive, practical guide to clean eating.

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You can also find a complete guide to The 28 DAYS Clean-Eating Challenge in the online shop. This guide provides full background information on the benefits of the challenge, as well as printable checklists and meal plans, challenge recipes and food lists.


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