Clean Eating Oat Recipes

Easy, Budget Clean Eating Oat Recipes

Rolled oats are minimally processed wholegrains, which have been removed from the plant, cleaned and then milled so that they can be used for cooking. None of the nutritional benefits are removed during processing, which makes oats a fantastic choice for clean eating enthusiasts. Oats have the added advantage that they are very cheap to buy.

Oats contain a type of fibre called beta-glucan which has been shown to play a beneficial role in diabetes, heart disease and obesity. They are also a source of complex carbohydrates; they slowly release energy into the body, without raising the blood sugar levels too quickly.

Although oats are gluten-free, they are often contaminated with wheat and barley during processing. For this reason, if you are gluten-intolerant, you need to make sure you buy gluten-free oats.

Oats are extremely versatile, they can be easily baked into flapjacks, granola bars and bowls of steaming porridge. Shop bought versions of these baked goods are almost always full of refined sugars, so it is well worth taking the time to make your own.


Clean Eating Oat Recipes:



These clean eating flapjacks are sweet, sticky and fudgey. They are also bursting with whole-grain goodness and complex carbohydrates, provided by the oats and puffed brown rice. These carbohydrates, combined with the protein and fat in the nuts, provide you with plenty of slow release energy. This recipe is gluten-free.

Clean Eating Oat Recipes


If you like crunchy nut cornflakes, then you’ll love these clean eating honey nut granola bars! They take just a few short minutes to make and provide a filling, wholegrain, sweet treat. These granola bars provide a great burst of energy, and they are child-friendly too (not suitable for nut allergies). Simply use gluten-free oats to make these completely gluten and dairy-free.

Clean Eating Oat Recipes



This clean-eating flapjack recipe contains no refined sugar and is dairy-free and gluten-free (providing you use gluten-free oats). As an added bonus, they are really cheap to make too!


Clean Eating Oat Recipes


These clean-eating banana cookies are made with wholemeal wheat flour so they contain the fibrous, nutritious outer husk of the wheat. These cookies have a crisp outer layer and a soft, sweet banana middle.

Clean Eating Oat Recipes



These clean-eating cookies are soft, chewy and best of all, healthy. Made with no refined sugar or flours, these cookies are gluten-free and dairy-free. They can be enjoyed for breakfast, or as a filling and nutritious snack.

Clean Eating Oat Recipes


This clean eating rhubarb and coconut porridge provides a nutritious breakfast that will keep you feeling full thanks to the coconut milk, wholegrain oats and pistachios.

Clean Eating Oat Recipes


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