Clean Eating Recipes for Children

Growing children need fresh, nutritious, energy-providing food and this requirement is abundantly met with the following clean eating recipes for children. It is important to keep trying children with new and different food tastes and textures.

These recipes have been tried, tested and approved by The Green Apple Club Cadets.

Clean Chicken Nuggets Recipe


Clean Fish Fingers Recipe


Clean Baked Beans Recipe


Clean Ketchup Recipe


Clean Mini Cottage Pie Nests Recipe


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Note: The Green Apple Club supports parents feeding children fresh, whole food, free from chemical additives, artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. The Green Apple Club definition of clean eating is simply to eat unprocessed food, it does not include the removal of food groups unnecessarily from the diet. If you think that your child is intolerant to a food group such as dairy or gluten, this must be discussed with a doctor who can provide you with adequate nutritional guidance and support.

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