Clean-Eating Recipe Conversion Charts: US Cups to UK Grams

A lot of amazing clean-eating recipes come out of the US and it can be tricky and time-consuming to figure out the weight conversions from US cups to grams. Not only that, but the weight conversion charts available on the internet all say something different, and they don’t give the weights of many clean-eating pantry staples.

To make life a little easier, The Green Apple Club has been hard at work, measuring a range of healthy, commonly used ‘clean’ ingredients. These measurements have been carried out in our own kitchen, using a brand new pair of kitchen scales and a pantry stocked with clean-eating, UK bought, cooking ingredients.

baking-flour-cup-to-gram-conversioncups-to-grams-weight-conversion chart






If you’re looking for some healthy clean-eating recipes, check out The Green Apple Club’s clean-eating recipe pages.

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