6 Easy Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

There is no place for refined sugar in a clean-eating diet. However, it has been shown in scientific studies that sugar is as addictive as cocaine! Some say that the only way to beat an addiction is to starve it and go cold turkey. If you are just starting out on your clean-eating journey, or you are taking the 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge, then the sudden removal of sugar can give you a withdrawal headache. This headache should only last for a few days.

Beating a sugar addiction doesn’t mean that you can’t ever eat sugar again. But giving your body a break from the sugar overload allows your taste buds and body to reset, so that you can taste the natural sweetness in food again.

As with any addiction, sugar cravings can be really intense.

Tempted to give in to a sugar binge? Do one of these instead:

1. Go for a walk – get some fresh air and have a change of scenery. Not only will you have had some exercise, but by the time you get back your craving will have passed allowing you to move on.

2. Make a cup of herbal tea – you might not have noticed it before you quit sugar, but herbal fruit teas have a natural sweetness to them that will help to take the edge of your craving. In addition, the act of making the tea and then drinking it, gives you something else to think about.

3. Go for a run – a more energetic option than the first option. Eating sugar stimulates the release of feel-good endorphins. You can generate the same feel-good hormones by doing some exercise.


4. Have a healthy snack – ask yourself if you are craving sugar because you’re hungry. If you haven’t eaten then reach for a healthy snack such as a handful of nuts, un-sugared popcorn or a banana.

5. Pick up the phone – this is another great distraction technique. Talk to someone you haven’t spoken to for a while but who you’ve been meaning to contact. Not only will this take your mind off your craving, but you’ve also ticked a job off your to-do list.

6. Meditate – a lot of people scoff at meditation, but stress makes cravings more intense. You don’t have to chant in a room full of intense, just find a quiet space, close your eyes and clear your mind for 5 minutes taking care to breathe slowly and deeply.


Remember, refined sugar serves no nutritional purpose, it is just an empty source of calories. Since excessive, daily intake of sugar merely contributes to ill health, it is not included in a clean-eating diet.

How does sugar affect you personally? Do you suffer from obesity, diabetes, dull skin, tiredness, mood swings, headaches? If you’re ready to find out how the sugar in your diet is really making you feel, you can join The Green Apple Club for free and use the online clean-eating meal planners and shopping lists to start your own 28 DAYS Clean-Eating Challenge.

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