The Dietary Control of Migraines

Dietary Control of Migraines: Complete Guide Available Now

Food to Fight Migraine: A Complete Guide to Dietary Control is now available in E-book and paperback format

Chronic migraine is a serious and debilitating health condition that millions of people around the world live with every day. Migraine medication can have nasty side effects, it doesn’t address the cause of the migraine and in some people, it simply doesn’t work.

But what if there was a natural remedy for migraine that would allow you to tackle the root cause of your migraines, and prevent further attacks from occurring?

The book, ‘Food to Fight Migraine: A Complete Guide to Dietary Control’ will help you to do just that.

The book condenses and explains how current scientific research can be used to stop a migraine in its tracks.

Dietary control of migraines

In this book, Sonia Nicholas, Founder of The Green Apple Club, will guide you through the most up to date scientific knowledge on the root cause of migraines. In simple terms, you will learn what scientists now believe makes people susceptible to migraines.

A Natural Remedy for Migraine


The book contains an effective 3 day anti-migraine protocol, to be implemented immediately following the onset of a migraine. The protocol includes a scientifically designed smoothie, containing natural ingredients that have been shown to demonstrate significant anti-migraine activity and that act on the root cause of the migraine.

You will also learn about how to use diet to combat migraines effectively in the long-term; discover which foods contain compounds that protect against the root cause of migraines; understand why some foods trigger migraines; and find some anti-migraine recipes to get you started on your journey.

Food to Fight Migraine: A Complete Guide to Dietary Control is available from: Amazon  from £2.99 for the Kindle E-book and £3.99 in paperback.


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