Green Smoothie Basics: FAQ

Green smoothies might sound like a crazy fad, but they are actually a great and delicious way to get lots of extra fruit, vegetables and fibre into your diet.

What is a green smoothie?

Green smoothies are made using whole fruits and/or vegetables, a liquid base and leafy greens. Dark leafy greens are nutritional powerhouses that contain vital minerals and nutrients.

So how do I make a green smoothie?

You’ll need a blender to make these smoothies. Some blenders are better than others, but you don’t need a super powered high-spec one to get the job done. The below guide gives you the basic composition of a green smoothie. The lists are not all inclusive, you can use any fruit that you like, but you must include the greens. The amounts are given in cups because this is the easiest way to measure volumes for smoothies. If you don’t have US measuring cups, you can just use a small mug.


Add your greens and liquid base to the blender first. Blend until the greens are well liquefied. Then add your fruit to the smoothie and blend until smooth.

Won’t my smoothie taste of bitter greens?

You will be surprised to find that you can barely taste the greens in your smoothie. Beginners are best to start with milder tasting leaves such as spinach, you could start with 1 cup and build up to 2 cups of greens. You may be able to taste some of the more bitter greens, like kale, in your smoothie. But don’t be put off, green smoothies are absolutely delicious!

Is a green smoothie better than a freshly squeezed juice?

When you juice fruits and vegetables, the fibrous pulp is removed and discarded, to leave just the juice. Since the sugars in juices are no longer encased in their cellular structure, this can cause a rapid spike in your blood glucose. The advantage of green smoothies is that all of the cellular fibre of the fruit and greens is retained in the drink, and the energy is released much more slowly. The fruit content is balanced by the presence of the greens, and the presence of fibre actually makes the smoothie more of a liquid food than a drink. For these reasons, you could argue that a green smoothie provides more benefits than a fresh juice.

Can green smoothies be used as a meal replacement to aid weight loss?

Yes, green smoothies are really good for weight loss. If you are drinking a green smoothie as a meal, you should ensure that your smoothie contains protein and some healthy fat. You could, for example, add a tablespoon of chia seeds for protein, and avocado or a teaspoon of coconut or flax oil for fat.

Ready to get started?

Big Breakfast Green Smoothie



Kale & Green Apple Smoothie


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