Healthy Snacking for Weight Loss

Why You Should Be Snacking Between Meals

Many people living a clean eating lifestyle, especially those interested in losing weight, think that they shouldn’t be snacking throughout the day. But healthy snacking is essential for weight-loss.

Mindless snacking, munching on whatever is close to hand, during the day is a bad habit that you should try to avoid. This type of grazing means that you don’t really take much notice of what you’re eating, and you may eat something you didn’t really want to – and might regret later. This type of snacking can cause you to take in more calories than you intended to, something that you will want to avoid if you are trying to lose weight.


Healthy snacking for weight loss

Regular clean-eating snacks however, are the best way to keep you on your healthy eating track throughout the day. Eating the right snacks provides your body with energy, between your main meals, and prevents energy slumps.

It is essential that you eat the right sort of snacks however. Eating a chocolate bar and a can of coke mid-morning because you are peckish, will cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up rapidly. Your body will respond by releasing large amounts of insulin, a hormone that counteracts the sugar in your system, bringing your levels right back down with a crash.

sugary snacks cause blood glucose levels to rise
Sugary snacks cause rapid peaks in blood glucose, followed by rapid falls in blood glucose that will leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

This rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels can make you feel jittery and unable to concentrate properly, followed by feeling really lethargic and tired. Not only does this make you feel worse, these peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels are bad for your health; they promote chronic inflammation in the body and this can provide an environment in which chronic diseases can flourish.

In contrast, a handful of nuts and a banana will provide your body with a balanced mix of protein and fat (from the nuts), combined with slow release carbohydrates from the banana. This will cause a much slower rise in blood sugar levels and give your body a sustained and steady source of energy.

bananas as a healthy snack
Bananas cause a much slower and controlled rise in your blood sugar levels, providing a more sustained source of energy for the body.

You should aim to eat two substantial, well balanced snacks during the day. One at mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. Forward planning and carrying healthy, ready prepared snacks with you during the day will help you to stick to your clean-eating commitment.

In summary, snacking is good, but only if you snack on the right type of foods, at the right time of day!

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