Natural Cold and Flu Remedy

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu

Colds and flu are very common at this time of year, as the weather cools and viral illnesses flourish. Over-the-counter medicine is often the first port of call when you have a cold, but if you take a look at the ingredients list on the back of the packet, you might just be put off taking them.

Most pharmaceutical capsules and hot drink sachets contain paracetamol, which not everyone wants to take, and which some people (including pregnant women) can’t take. As well as paracetamol, these preparations often include pharmaceutical decongestants, caffeine and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. These ingredients aren’t always welcome, and if you are prone to migraines, you may find that the combination of being ill and ingesting these ingredients, will trigger a migraine.

Doctors won’t prescribe antibiotics for a common cold or flu, since these illnesses are almost always viral in nature – meaning that antibiotics won’t work. The general advice for treating colds and flu is to eat well, stay warm, rest and stay well hydrated1.


Natural Cold & Flu Remedy

Natural Cold and Flu Remedy
When your nose is running and your throat is red raw, this Natural Cold & Flu Remedy should help to provide some relief. This remedy uses:

Honey, which helps to soothe the throat and has been shown to help reduce cough symptoms2.

Ginger, which is a natural decongestant (to help ease sinus blockages), with antibacterial properties3.

Lemon provides antibacterial properties4 as well as a healthful dose of vitamin C.

This natural remedy is soothing, warming and comforting. Please remember that honey should not be given to children under the age of one, and that honey is a natural source of sugars.


Decongesting Garlic Broth

Clean Eating Garlic Broth
Raw garlic is well noted for its immune boosting function and antibacterial properties5. Raw garlic can be taken in supplement form, or eaten raw, although this can have some adverse side effects such as bad breath.

Cooked garlic has less immune function, as some of the allicin molecule is destroyed during the heating process, however it still has excellent health benefits when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of cold and flu.

Cooked garlic acts as a decongestant, cutting through nasal congestion and providing a little temporary relief. This Decongesting Garlic Broth provides nourishment from the chicken broth and roasted garlic. It is also warming, comforting and provides the body with a gentle, easily digested source of calories.




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