Onions Kill Cancer Cells

Onions Kill Cancer Cells, Read the Evidence & Cook the Recipes

New research released this week has shown that red onions have a powerful ability to fight cancer. Researchers from the University of Guelph, Canada, have shown that compounds found in red onions have a powerful anticancer action on colon cancer cells1. The same researchers recently showed that white onions are also highly effective at killing breast cancer cells.

Red onions contain high levels of a flavonoid compound called quercetin. Quercetin induces cancer cell suicide (a process called apoptosis) and also inhibits the ability of cancer cells to multiply and proliferate2,3. Red onions also contain significant quantities of anthocyanin, which acts as a helper for quercetin, promoting its anticancer activity.

Many of the studies into the anticancer activity of onions are carried out in vitro, on cells in petri dishes outside of the human body. These studies have also shown that the flavonoids quercitin, myricetin and kaempferol, in onions have the ability to stop cancer cells from multiplying, they induce cancer cell death, and they also can stop cancer cells from spreading4,5.

In other population studies, the consumption of onions has been linked to a decreased risk of developing cancer, indicating that the in vitro anticancer activity of onions may be indicative of its anticancer action inside the human body (in vivo)6,7.

Onions kill cancer cells – cook the recipes

Fresh Red Onion & Tomato Salad

Onions Kill Cancer Cells

Raw Tahini Slaw with Toasted Seeds

Onions Kill Cancer Cells

Lemon & Basil Roasted Summer Vegetables
Onions Kill Cancer Cells


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