Oxidative Stress and Migraines

Oxidative Stress and Migraines

Cutting-edge scientific research into oxidative stress and migraine, shows that dietary control is possible


If you are a chronic migraine sufferer, you may find that sometimes even prescribed medication isn’t enough to stop a migraine. The medication may not work, it may slow down the onset of your migraine, or it may stop the migraine only for it to reappear the next day.

The reason for this is that migraine medication doesn’t address the root cause of the migraine.

In order to manage your migraines effectively through diet, you need to address this root cause of the migraine. The root cause isn’t the same as the migraine trigger. Migraine triggers are reasonably well known and vary from person to person. Examples of migraine triggers include alcohol, stress, MSG, aspartame, chocolate and alcohol.

The root cause of the migraine is the reason why you are susceptible to the above migraine triggers in the first place.

Oxidative stress and migraines

Clinical researchers believe that the root cause of migraines may be related to a process called oxidative stress1. Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the number of free radicals in the body, and the number of anti-oxidants in the body. If there aren’t enough anti-oxidants in the body to neutralise the free radicals, then the free radicals can cause damage to cellular DNA.

Scientists believe that this damage to cellular DNA by oxidative stress, causes neurogenic inflammation in the brain, leading to blood vessel dilation and triggering a migraine.

Most known migraine triggers have been shown to cause some degree of oxidative stress – although it should be noted that much more work needs to be done on this theory before it moves into mainstream medicine. Stress, alcohol, infection and aspartame showed the greatest evidence of causing oxidative stress, followed by dehydraton, MSG, noise, the weather, disrupted sleep cycles and oxygen deprivation1.

Dietary control of migraine

Clinical researchers have discovered certain dietary compounds that are very effective at protecting the body against oxidative stress. Consuming these compounds, and combining them in the diet with foods high in nutrients and minerals commonly deficient in migraine sufferers, is an effective way of managing migraines naturally through diet.

If you suffer from migraines, you will need to:

avoid your personal migraine triggers as much as possible

increase intake of compounds that protect against oxidative stress (such as feverfew)

actively increase your antioxidant intake (such as vitamin C and riboflavin), to allow your body to neutralize free radicals present in the body

replenish nutrients and minerals that are commonly deficient in migraine sufferers (such as magnesium)


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About the Author:

Sonia Nicholas is a Biomedical Scientist and Freelance Clinical Science Writer. She has two degrees in Biomedical Science and been working in the field of clinical science for over 15 years. Sonia suffered with chronic migraines for over a decade, until she used her combined knowledge of nutrition and clinical science to devise a natural 3 Day Anti-Migraine Protocol. To find out how you can manage and prevent your migraines naturally, the book ‘Food to Fight Migraine: A Complete Guide to Dietary Control’ is also available on Amazon Kindle.


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