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Publish Your Own Clean-Eating Recipe on The Green Apple Club Website

Did you know that members of The Green Apple Club can share their own recipes with the community by publishing them on the website?

Yes it’s true! The Green Apple Club is a community, designed and built to provide support, encouragement and friendship between fellow clean-eaters. A big part of that is sharing your own recipes!

The recipes on the website are not designed by chefs for chefs, they are created by clean-eating home cooks, for fellow clean-eating home cooks. You may not think you have any recipes of your own, but you might be surprised. Perhaps you have an old family recipe that you’ve changed over the years, or you’ve adapted and ‘cleaned-up’ old cook-book recipes that you read long-ago?

You might have made up complete recipes from scratch and be using them everyday without even realising that they have become firm family-favourites!

Other members of this community could benefit from your experience and your recipes too!


Publishing a clean-eating recipe on The Green Apple Club:


1. You must not directly copy a recipe or any method from another blog/website/recipe book*

2. You are strictly not permitted to use anyone else’s photography, you must always submit your own photo*

3. By submitting a recipe and photo to The Green Apple Club you are acknowledging that they are your own to use and you have the rights to them*

4. Your recipe must contain only clean-eating ingredients. Recipes containing refined flour, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners or any other processed ingredients will not be accepted for publication.  The Green Apple Club will accept the use of minimally processed ingredients such as brown rice, wholemeal bread and wholegrain pasta*

5. Your recipe must be original and not have been published before on any other website or blog*


Details required:


– A list of ingredients
– A description: for example, how you came up with the recipe, what the recipe is like?
– The method: how you make the dish
– Serving size
– Time to make
– Cost: if known or submit a value of 0
– A photograph of your food, in the highest resolution possible, max size 800x800px


Do you have a tried and tested recipe that you’d like to share with the community? You must be a member of The Green Apple Club to publish a recipe, if you are not, you can register for free here. This is essential so that all members have their own submitted recipes clearly attributed to them. It also means that each member takes responsibility and liability for the recipe and image that they have submitted.


Submit your recipe now



*See full terms & conditions

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