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The Green Apple Club – Membership Benefits

The Green Apple Club is a community for people who want to eat affordable, healthy, unprocessed food for improved health and well-being, weight management, and alleviation from some chronic health problems such as migraine and IBS.

The definitions of ‘clean eating’ vary depending on who you talk to, but when we refer to a clean diet, we mean a diet free from processed food such as heavily refined flours/grains and sugar. A ‘clean’ diet is also free from artificial preservatives, additives and sweeteners.

As an exclusive member of The Green Apple Club you will receive:

A fortnightly newsletter with the latest recipes, articles and blog posts delivered directly to your inbox. No spam, no sponsored emails, no advertising! View a recent newsletter.

A 15 page E-book entitled ‘Getting Started on your Clean-Eating Journey’. This book offers background reading on the concept of clean-eating, 80 clean-eating meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, advice on what to eat when you are out and about, and clarification on what foods to eat for optimal health.

A private membership account where you can save your favourite recipes and articles.

Members homepage

Access to private members forum



Meal planning tools such as printable, blank meal planners and shopping lists

Blank meal planner template
Blank meal planner template


Shopping list
Blank shopping list template

Access to 28 DAYS Clean Eating meal challenges (Economy, Weight-Loss and Premium) with full one month meal plans and weekly shopping lists, all worked out for you.

Days 1-3 of the Clean Eating Challenge for Weight Loss. Tick off each meal as you complete it.
Days 1-3 of the Clean Eating Challenge for Weight Loss. Tick off each meal as you complete it.




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