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Will They Eat It? Cheesy Omelette

THURSDAY: Cheesy Omelette

Preparation: I melted a little butter in a small frying pan and add the beaten eggs. I cooked the omelette until the bottom was starting to set nicely, then I sprinkled with about 30g cheese and put the frying pan under the grill. I grilled it until the cheese started to brown and the omelette was risen and bubbling. I cooled slightly, cut into wedges and served with tomatoes.

Time to cook: 10 minutes

Skill level: Easy


Miss N – Yummy (bless her, she’s totally my favourite child this week!), I like the cheese the best.

Master N – I normally love this meal, but today I’m going to eat all of the tomatoes and tip the omelette onto the floor. Then I’m going to get on the floor and eat the omelette off there instead….. Fine, whatever takes his fancy, at least he ate it.

Mr N and I had a more substantial cheese and onion frittata (made with 7 eggs, 50g cheese and 2 onions) with a tomato salad.

Mr N – Oh great, eggs again (he had eggs from breakfast too haha!). Yes it’s nice, but next time tell me we’re having it and I’ll have something different for breakfast!

Me – Feels like cheating as it was such a simple meal. I don’t eat much cheese so I enjoyed it. This meal was enough for me, but Mr N was hungry again after a few hours and went on a munchie raid of the cupboards, where he didn’t find anything interesting and had a bowl of cereal instead.


Cost for my family of 4: £2.07


Day 7 Friday: Mini Pitta Pizzas

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