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Clean Comfort Food for Tough Times

I find it hard to write about my life when I’m having a difficult time. Some people find it cathartic to write all of their problems down, but I’m the opposite, I retreat inwards and stop talking completely.

My Dad is a very private person so it doesn’t seem appropriate to talk about his current medical issues, although of course you know that he is fighting metastatic lung cancer. I’ll sum it up by saying that his health has deteriorated lately and it is simply breaking my heart.

I know when I’m feeling really low, because I lose the desire to cook. For me, cooking is happy, relaxing and usually therapeutic. If I’m worried about something then clattering the pots and pans in the kitchen gives me time and space to think.

My head is usually brimming over with recipe ideas, I literally don’t have time to make them all become reality. But I haven’t had the energy or desire lately to even think of what I might want to cook. As someone who normally pre-prepares all of my meals, this has been disastrous for my usual clean diet. Last week I was forced to eat tinned soups and pre-packed sandwiches for my work lunches – which is hardly the work of the devil – but it’s not the sort of food that I love, or the food that makes me feel good.

So this weekend it was a huge relief when I subconsciously started thinking about what to cook for the website this week. I usually cook very seasonally, but for some reason all I wanted to eat this week was mushroom pate! I have no idea why, but this was what I wanted and so this is what I have made. A gorgeously comforting, garlic mushroom and lentil pate which I’m eating right now, spread thickly on my favourite oat cakes.

Mushroom Pate 700__optimized

To counter the undeniably autumnal pate, I also made a gorgeous pistachio ‘ice cream’. I’ll never forget the joyful moment when I found out that you could make dairy-free, healthy ice cream using frozen bananas! What a happy, happy day that was! So, slice two bananas and pop them in the freezer, ready to make this two minute, two ingredient, dreamy dessert.

Clean Comfort Food

I’ll try not to abandon my blog for this long again, but please bear with me if I do. For today I’m feeling positive, after all, how can you be sad when you’re eating homemade mushroom pate and pistachio ice cream?!

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