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Will They Eat It? Clean Cottage Pies with Sweetcorn

SUNDAY – Mini Cottage Pies with Sweetcorn

Preparation: I boiled up peeled, quartered jacket potatoes and set them to one side to cool. Then I made the cottage pie filling. While this was cooking, I grated the potatoes and formed them into nests in a 12 cup baking tray.

mini cottage pies

I baked the nests in the oven for about 20 minutes. Then I filled them with the cottage pie filling, covered in cheese and baked again for 20 minutes.

mini cottage pies

Full recipe here.

Time to prepare: Prep & cook time – 60 minutes

Skill level: Easy


Miss N – Did you make these? Me: ‘Yes, why?’ Oh it’s just that they look really nice! – (somewhat insulting insinuation that if it’s nice I couldn’t have made it!) They are really, really yummy, can we have these again?

Master N – Cleared his plate but only after painstakingly removing every single tiny piece of cooked onion that he could see from the cottage pie filling.

Mr N – Did you really make these? Very nice, can you make them again soon?

Me – Easy enough to make but a bit time-consuming, definitely a dish for the weekend rather than during the week. They did make me very popular, everyone liked them. Also quite handy for avoiding childcare responsibilities and furtively listening to love songs on Radio 2.

Cost for my family of 4: £4.00 for 10 mini pies and frozen sweetcorn for 4 people.

Main ingredients purchased at ASDA

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