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What Do Clean-Eating Bloggers Eat For Breakfast?

As a clean-eating blogger and fully fledged clean-eating fan, I get asked this question a lot!

‘What do you eat on a daily basis?’

I’m going to tell you the truth, and you’ll most likely be underwhelmed ………. I eat regular family food and the recipes that are on the website!

I have two jobs, two young demanding children (aged 3 and 6), a sick father and a husband who works full time – I don’t have time to cook elaborate, separate recipes just to photograph them for The Green Apple Club.

So I plan my meals around the recipes I have in mind for the website that week. This week, I have a Tupperware box containing a single remaining apricot seed bite; a biscuit tin full of homemade Digestive biscuits; and a large stew pot full of a fabulous mushroom spaghetti Bolognese.

I never skip breakfast!

For mid-week breakfasts I might have eggs (boiled, scrambled or poached) on wholemeal toast, a giant green smoothie or almond milk porridge with grated apples. At weekends, our breakfasts are sprawling family affairs with several courses! We might have a cooked breakfast with good quality sausages, eggs and homemade baked beans, or we might have egg and banana pancakes with maple syrup. We then follow this with a range of fruits that I sit and cut up for everyone at the kitchen table, it might be fresh pineapple, apples, grapes or oranges. I insist on listening to love songs on the radio, which everyone else rolls their eyes at but tragically (for them), our digital radio is broken and therefore permanently stuck on a single radio station.

I eat lunch at my desk

For lunches I am naughty and I usually eat at my desk. I favour homemade soups, leftovers from dinner, quinoa salads and an occasional wrap. I very rarely eat shop-bought lunches, I find the bread in ready-made sandwiches overwhelming and I object to finding sugar as an ingredient in everything (although I have to say that Tesco is really getting on-board with the healthy-eating fast food).

I make family-friendly evening meals. Mr N is gluten and dairy intolerant and we suspect that Miss N (aged 6) is too. Bolognese, homemade pasta sauces, roast dinners, curries, kebabs, stews … most of the dinner recipes on the website come from our evening meals. Every now and then we get a takeaway, usually a curry from our local curry house as it is the safest option for MrN’s intolerances. Unless I’m in the middle of a challenge, I don’t stress out about the occasional processed ingredients in my diet – balance is key to a sustained clean-eating lifestyle.

I like to snack

I snack at regular intervals during the day otherwise I am prone to migraines. I eat the snacks that I photograph for the website and this helps to keep me on track with healthier options. I do eat regular snacks too, I just try not to eat them often – I love good quality dark chocolate, Kettle crisps, popcorn and wine. I genuinely don’t eat many sweets or junk food because they don’t make me feel great and I don’t like the fact that they contain so much crap!

So, why am I telling you this and why should you care? I want to show you that clean-eating can just fit into normal family and working life. I’m pretty sure I don’t have more time than you do – honestly I have very little spare time in my life! I’m not militant about what I eat, I eat occasional processed food treats and I enjoy a glass of wine occasionally (ok frequently). But I do so mindfully and with great enjoyment. I don’t feel bad about it because I know that I eat well and I provide my body with food that makes me healthier, every single day.

And do you know what? If I can do it, I promise you, you can do it too!


Sonia Nicholas

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