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Join Me for a Healthy Body Reset Starting on January 2nd 2017

I love a good health kick in the New Year. After the rich food and excessive gluttony of Christmas, January is the perfect time to give the body a well needed break from the metabolic mayhem triggered by eating too many refined carbohydrates, too much sugar and drinking too much alcohol.

Over the years, my New Year health kicks have included a range of different fad diets and health trends from green smoothie meal replacements and juice fasts, to extreme dieting and exercise commitments. I stick to the resolution for a few weeks, after which it just becomes too difficult to sustain alongside normal life and I give up completely.

Clean-eating challenge

No more fad-diets

The thing about clean eating is that although one could argue that the term itself (clean eating) is on-trend currently, the concept is anything but a fleeting fad. Cutting out processed food and all of the additives that they contain, as a way of improving health, will never go out of fashion. The Green Apple Club definition of clean eating can never be declared to be unsafe, or damaging to health – the concept is simple, just eat real food, don’t cut out food groups unnecessarily.

Clean eating should be approached as a life-style change rather than a diet, and it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach.

Every good food choice you make in a day is beneficial to your health.

If you make a bad food choice at breakfast, don’t automatically assume the day is lost and slide into an orgy of donuts and chocolate chip cookies till bedtime. Enjoy your breakfast, then move on and make a better choice the next time you eat.

The more often you make good food choices, the easier it gets. Making good food choices is a new habit that has to be learnt.

One month is a good length of time to break bad habits, and learn new, healthier habits that are easy to sustain in the months ahead. To eat a diet free of processed food requires thought, preparation and meal-planning, as you can no longer rely on convenience foods on a daily basis. But the rewards for this commitment are huge. As well as being an incredibly cost-effective way to live, your skin will be clear, you will suffer fewer headaches, and you will lose weight.

28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge

So this New Year, don’t start 2017 with another unsustainable fad diet. Join me for a 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge and learn the new, healthy habits required to make good food choices.

28 days without processed food, with plenty of support and no judgement.

Members of The Green Apple Club can choose one of three meal plans available, Economy (eat for less than £5 a day), Weight Loss (more vegetables, less starchy carbohydrate) or Premium (still cost effective but with more variety and choice). I’ve worked out the shopping lists for you and you can tick each meal off the online meal planner as you complete it. Membership is free, forever.

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If you don’t wish to join the club then please feel free to join in using your own meal plans. Everyone is welcome.

The Green Apple Club meal plans give you three template meals a day and two snacks. You can follow the templates exactly or you can liven the meals up with additional (clean) ingredients and cooking methods.

You can follow my blog, or join our Facebook Event. Post images of your meals in our private Facebook group, and be supported every step of the way by other Club members. Since not everyone uses Facebook, I will also be posting daily in the private members-only forum, so if you’d like to join me there then please do!

Until January 2nd, you can also download The 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge Guide e-book for free (normally £3.99)!


Published by Sonia Nicholas, Founder of The Green Apple Club

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