Ketchup & Baked Beans for Children

There are two cheap, processed foods that my children LOVE, tomato ketchup and baked beans. I have been trying for months and months to come up with clean-eating versions of these two recipes that will tempt them away from this adoration but with little success.

I’ve tried numerous recipes, many complicated and long. Some of these I have liked, some I haven’t. The children have universally hated all of them.

This weekend I was determined to succeed. I have realised that little mouths often prefer simple, uncomplicated flavours. For this reason, I kept both of my recipes short and sweet (literally). Both recipes contain a small amount of natural sugar which you can leave out if you prefer. However, I would rather have my children eating these natural recipes, that eating the processed versions with glucose-fructose syrup, refined sugars and chemical additives in them.

The children knew that these were not their usual beans and ketchup, and they were highly suspicious. But they did eat them (with a few minor grumbles) so I’m chalking this one up as a clean-eating win! I ate them too and loved them – baked beans are back on the menu hurrah!

So here they are, my child friendly, adult friendly, clean-eating tomato ketchup and baked beans!

Clean-Eating Baked Beans Recipe


Clean-Eating Tomato Ketchup Recipe


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