Clean Eating Pumpkin Recipes

One Pumpkin, Five Clean Eating Pumpkin Recipes

This week I’ve been cooking with pumpkin. One pumpkin (purchased from ASDA from the grand sum of 50p).

Small edible pumpkins found in the grocery aisle tend to have the best flavour and texture as they have been produced specifically for eating. However I also frequently use the medium sized carving pumpkins and they are more than adequate for cooking. I would avoid the large carving pumpkins though as although technically edible, they are very stringy and flavourless.

Pumpkins have a beautiful flavour that works brilliantly in sweet and savoury dishes.

I started off my mission in a bit of a rush. I only had ten minutes to carve the pumpkin before I dashed off to pick my son up from nursery. FYI I don’t recommend rushing this job, it is by sheer good luck that I still have thumb (my huge knife only narrowly missed it and took off the top of my fingernail instead)! I removed and saved the seeds and then peeled the pumpkin and chopped the flesh into rough chunks.

Once I’d picked the children up, I popped the pumpkin on the hob with some water and cooked it until soft and tender (about 30 minutes). Then I drained the water off and blended the pumpkin into a puree. From this one puree you can make all sorts of dishes!

I started with a Clean Eating Pumpkin Pie. This one has a nutty wholemeal spelt and oat crust which I love! I filled it with a spiced, whipped pumpkin and coconut cream filling. My Tesco delivery arrived just as this pie came out of the oven and the delivery driver said he wanted to live in my house forever! It just smelled so good! I said I had enough problems trying to cook around my own children (who had by this point set up a train track running through my entire kitchen) and ushered the delivery man kindly but firmly out of the door.

Trying not to slip on the wooden toy trains and break my neck, I then made a Clean Eating Pumpkin Smoothie. Oh my, this one was so good!!! I blended mine with Greek yoghurt but if you’re dairy free then you could use CoYo instead. The sharp yoghurt flavour, combined with sweetly spiced pumpkin is just divine, you have to try it!

Clean Eating Pumpkin Smoothie
The children were bored of occupying themselves by this time and had started fighting. Life threatening stuff – he looked at her, she breathed on him, that type of thing. So I left the cooking there for the day.

The next morning, while everyone else was still watching TV in their pj’s, I whipped up a batch of Clean Eating Pumpkin Granola Clusters. This was my favourite dish of the week! These clusters are really crunchy, and sort of savoury and sweet at the same time. I’ve been eating them with diced apples and a little almond milk all week. I hope you make them because they are  SO GOOD!

Clean Eating Pumpkin Granola
I didn’t want to waste the seeds, so I rinsed them well with water and let them dry. Then I mixed them with a tbsp. of coconut oil, a tbsp. of maple syrup and ½ tsp paprika, and baked them at 180° for 10 minutes. Ooh they were good! MrN and I had eaten the whole lot within half an hour of making them!

Last but not least, I used the remaining puree to make a soup. I fried 1 onion in a few tsp. of curry powder. Then I added the pumpkin puree and the coconut cream that I had left over from making the pie. I served it topped with Cajun spices and raw pumpkin seeds.

So there you have it, one pumpkin, five clean eating pumpkin recipes! You get a lot for your money with a pumpkin, so don’t just make Halloween lanterns out of them! Enjoy x

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