Clean Eating Marzipan

Clean-Eating Treats from TGAC Kitchen: Simnel Truffles

When I was younger, I never liked marzipan or fruit cake. Because of this, the traditional Easter Simnel cake (a light fruit cake sandwiched between two layers of marzipan), never held much appeal for me. As the years have gone by, I still don’t much like the yellow, ready-prepared marzipan that you can buy in the shops. However, I do love almonds, and I was intrigued to see whether homemade marzipan would be as tasty as I suspected it might be.

These Simnel-inspired truffles are the result of that experimentation, and…. spoiler alert ….. homemade marzipan is a bazillion times better than shop-bought!


How I made them

I started by preparing the ganache, this was super simple as I just melted dark chocolate with coconut oil, coconut cream and vanilla extract. In TGAC kitchen, I use a coconut sugar dark chocolate which is made with just cocoa solids and coconut sugar (mine is from Real Food Source). If you wanted to, you could use either unsweetened dark chocolate or a regular dark chocolate such as Lindt (although this does contain refined white sugar).

While the ganache was cooling, I made the marzipan.

This was so easy I was surprised, I don’t know why but somehow I thought it would take more work! I simply mixed together almond flour, a tablespoon of maple syrup and a hint of almond extract (full recipe is at the end of the post).

homemade marzipan-clean-recipes

At first I thought that there was no way it was going to work, it seemed far too crumbly. But when I brought it together with my hands it came together as a dough beautifully.


I divided up the marzipan into 10 evenly sized balls.


I gave each marzipan ball two coats of chocolate ganache

coated marzipan balls
When the coatings had set, I dusted with cocoa powder and ta da!!! That was it! The whole process took about 15 minutes, time well spent I’d say!


The verdict


Ooh, real homemade marzipan is lovely! It has none of that fake taste that I associate with marzipan. Instead it is a subtle, slightly sweet, with the purest almond flavour. Encase this gorgeousness in dark chocolate ganache and you get a real clean-eating treat. I really hope you’ll give this recipe a try, for very little effort you get a great big reward!


Full recipe for Dark Chocolate Simnel Truffles

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