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Will They Eat It? Tuna Pasta Bake

WEDNESDAY: Clean Tuna Pasta Bake 

Preparation: I cooked 2 onions and crushed garlic in a little olive oil gently for about 10 minutes. Then I added 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar, pepper, tinned tomatoes and some dried herbs. I let this simmer for 30 minutes. While the sauce was simmering I boiled the pasta. When pasta and sauce were ready, I mixed them together with the tuna, put this mixture in a dish, covered with cheese and grilled to melt the cheese.

Time to prepare: Prep time – 10 minutes, Cook time – 45 mins

Skill level: Easy


Miss N – Yummy, I love pasta and tuna. I’m not sure I like the crispy bits of pasta on the top.

Master N – I’ll eat it because it’s inoffensive and I secretly love pasta and cheese. But I’m going to complain about it because I’m tired and miserable, and I’ve waited longer for my tea than I’d like.

Mr N – I made a separate dish with gluten free pasta for Mr N. He thought it was ok but a bit bland.

Me – Easy enough to cook and the children ate it. I have to agree with Mr N though that it was a bit bland and not at all exciting. I didn’t use any salt because I tend not to when I cook for the children, but this would have been improved with some hefty seasoning, more garlic and more herbs. And more cheese. Also, it would have been better if I’d blended the sauce but I didn’t have time.

For £1.53 for all 4 of us though? I’ll take it. Good for an end of the month, day before pay day type meal.

Cost for my family of 4: £1.53


Day 6 Thursday: Clean Cheese Omelette

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