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Will They Eat It? Clean Fish Fingers with Peas and Mini JP’s


Meal – Clean Fish Fingers with peas and mini JP’s

Preparation: As soon as we got home from the school run I put the oven on and literally chucked a packet of new potatoes (a Lidl special offer) on a baking tray and sprinkled with a bit of olive oil. After 20 minutes, I did my best to make the fish fingers while Master N rode around the kitchen on his balance bike and Miss N coloured in Frozen pictures at the kitchen table.

I put out 3 bowls and filled one with breadcrumbs (which I’d made earlier in the day using the food processor), one with flour and one with beaten egg.

homemade fish fingers

I cut up the salmon and dipped them in flour, egg then breadcrumbs and lined them up on a clean baking tray. (Full recipe here). Then I threw these in the oven with the potatoes, put some frozen peas on and left them to cook.

Time to prepare: Prep & cook time – 20 minutes

Skill level: Easy


Miss N – Yummy, I love the salmon and the crunchy outside. And I love the little potato too because it’s cute.

Master N – Took a giant bite of the fish finger, chewed it up and then spat it out all over the kitchen table. This was always going to be a tough sell as he doesn’t really like any fish other than tuna and has never been a fan of fish fingers. Ate the veg, flatly refused the fish fingers.

Mr N – Mr N missed out on these and had his salmon uncoated because I couldn’t be bothered to make a gluten-free version for him. He didn’t seem too upset and enjoyed the potatoes.

Me – Slightly more time consuming to make after the school run, but actually much quicker and easier than I was expecting. It took me only a few minutes to coat them and put them in the oven and because the fish was fresh not frozen, they cooked really quickly. The key to this meal is getting the oven on as soon as you get home and putting the potatoes in straight away. If your children like salmon they’ll love this, if they don’t then they’ll probably spit it out too! For adults, I highly recommend sprinkling with salt and squeezing with fresh lemon as per the recipe, it really brings these fish fingers alive.

Cost of the meal for my family of 4: £5.37

Ingredients bought from ASDA

Day 5 Wednesday: Clean Tuna Pasta Bake




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