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Day 0: Hampered By A Mischievous Toddler, But Ready to Begin

Although I am the biggest supporter of the clean-eating lifestyle, I don’t eat 100% clean every day of the year. I would say that on the whole I eat approximately 80% clean, the remaining 20% consists of mainly chocolate and wine.

Over Christmas, this ratio has slipped to more like 60:40 and I am feeling the effects of it. Rosacea is prickling slightly on my neck, my trousers are a little (well actually quite a lot) tighter than they were, and I feel generally sluggish, bloated and over-full. To be honest, I feel pretty ropey.

When my Tesco shopping arrived earlier, it really made me happy to see all of the fresh fruit and veg. I have the advantage of having completed this challenge before, and I know without a doubt, that within a week I’ll be feeling so much better than I do right now.

I managed to make my week 1 batch of soup (butternut squash) while my three year old son repeatedly rammed a remote controlled car into my ankles. I’m reasonably fast in the kitchen so despite his best efforts to cripple me, my weekly prep took just under half an hour. I also made fresh hummus which I am really looking forward to eating!

Day 0 Challenge Prep
This is just some of the food that I will be eating this week and includes plenty of fresh protein, home-made butternut squash soup and freshly made hummus

I’m following The Green Apple Club’s Premium Plan this January as I want more variety than the Economy and Weight Loss Plans offer. I don’t have any money at all following Christmas, but meal planning to such a high degree during the challenge means I’ll save money on the food bills regardless, even with the large amount of fresh produce, chicken and fresh salmon that I’ve bought.

I’m going to write a short blog daily over the course of the month so that if you are almost tempted to join in, but not quite ready, you can see how I fare! Also, it means that I can’t just give up when I’m having a bad day because the children have driven me bonkers and work stress is making me hallucinate large, chilled glasses of wine.

If you would like to use the ready made meal-plans during the challenge then you can become a member today. The membership is currently half-price at £2.49 for a full 6 month subscription to the website. (You may find our FAQ‘s useful).

Good luck to everyone who is attempting the challenge with me. I can’t think of a healthier way to start this New Year.



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