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Day 1: Forgot to Hide the Christmas Chocolate!

I’m feeling virtuous already and I’ve not even completed the first day yet!

I had a green spinach smoothie for breakfast and I’ve stuck to the meal plan throughout the rest of the day. I’m not hungry because my meals have been pretty big, but I am already struggling slightly with the temptation of the left over Christmas chocolate and sweet treats.

It is everywhere!!

We had family staying with us over Christmas. As a result there are chocolate covered gingerbread biscuits, leftover mince pies, a half-eaten box of Liquorice Allsorts, unopened boxes of chocolates and all sorts of other food items just lying around, winking at me.

I haven’t even wanted to eat any of them until today. And now I do, simply because I can’t. As a reminder of why I live this clean-eating lifestyle, I looked at the back of the box of chocolate covered gingerbread biscuits (Lebkuchen). These are very popular with my family over Christmas time!

chocolate covered gingerbread

Just look at the ingredients list!! Plain old sugar takes pride of place as the first ingredient, but these biscuits also contain glucose-fructose syrup, invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup, caramel syrup, fructose and lactose – all different names for types of refined sugar!! 7 types of refined sugar. Isn’t that just bonkers?!

Now I know how bad refined sugar is for us. I researched the scientific evidence regarding the effect of refined sugar on the body so that I could write the articles that are published on the website. I’m not against eating sweet things, I have a sweet tooth myself and I fully believe that we should enjoy our food.

But no one needs to eat 7 different types of refined sugar in a few biscuits. Right?

Until tomorrow,


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