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Day 2: Clean-Eating Blamed for Woman Existing Entirely on Melon

I woke up to read this story in the news this morning – Clean eaters warned about risk of disorders.

I find this kind of news reporting irresponsible. Yes ‘clean-eating’ is a trendy term currently, but that does not mean that it is responsible for causing the poor young lady in the article to survive solely on organic melon. That is ludicrous.

I feel really sorry for the woman in this article, she has obviously had an incredibly difficult time. But if a person is heading towards an obsessive eating disorder, you could argue that they might find inspiration anywhere.

The fact that Nigella Lawson doesn’t like clean-eating is irrelevant. She seems like a nice lady, but she does not promote healthy eating, in any way.

Unlike many other diets out there, The Green Apple Club definition of clean-eating does not encourage you to cut important food groups, such as gluten, dairy or wholegrains, from your diet. I think that at its best, clean-eating simply encourages people to eat larger amounts of fresh, whole food. It also promotes awareness of the rubbish that can be in processed food.

I don’t think that this can be bad for you.

Anyway, rant over. Day 2 is nearly finished and I have had a mild headache all day. I don’t remember getting a sugar withdrawal headache so early on the previous occasions that I’ve done this challenge, but perhaps it is indicative of how much my diet has slipped over Christmas.

I made this headache worse by forgetting to take my clean-snacks out with me this morning and subsequently not eating anything between 8am and 1.30pm. I blame this on spending the entire day in a panic as I suddenly realised that we are all back to work/school/nursery tomorrow and I have literally done nothing for the whole of the Christmas holidays.

I have a pile of ironing that I have ignored, the Christmas decorations to put away in the garage, the ingredients to buy for next week’s website recipes (even though I haven’t decided what they will be), and most irritatingly of all, the realisation that once again we have forgotten to do my daughters homework – and there is a lot of it.

I hope that my fellow 28 Day-ers are coping better than I am today. Roll on Day 3!

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