Eat Clean Lose Weight

Eat Clean to Lose Weight: It’s Time to Stop Dieting

Calorie counting, low-carb, Atkins, Weight Watchers, SlimFast, Intermittent Fasting – there are certainly plenty of diets out there to choose from if you want to lose weight. In fact dieting can consume your life if you let it.

But does losing weight, and maintaining a healthy weight after that, have to be so complicated and difficult? After I had my children I was nearly two stone heavier in weight than I was when I got married. I wasn’t really fat, but I was certainly heavy enough to have lost my self-confidence and to be feeling pretty down about myself.

I tried some of the diets mentioned above. I counted calories and heavily restricted what I ate for months at a time. And I did lose a few pounds. But I also had migraines, bad skin and no energy at all. SlimFast was a real low point for me. It was during the SlimFast time that I realised I couldn’t possibly be becoming healthier by drinking these artificial, sugar-laden, fake-food products.

Then I started to eat clean


This was the Facebook photo that made me realise that I wasn’t happy with how I looked or how I felt about myself. I’ve cropped ithe image to keep my children out of vision, but I wanted to include it as it was an important turning point for me.
This was the Facebook photo that made me realise that I wasn’t happy with how I looked or how I felt about myself. I’ve cropped ithe image to keep my children out of vision, but I wanted to include it as it was an important turning point for me.

What finally worked for me was the realisation that I needed to eat real, whole food. No sugar and no refined flour or processed foods. But lots and lots of real food – fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, green smoothies, porridge, natural yoghurt. I also drank lots and lots of water. I didn’t eat anything labelled as low fat or ‘diet’. In fact I didn’t eat much of anything with a label on it, for two months.

lose weight
This is me a few months ago. Back to my ideal weight of 9 1/2 stone, headache-free and feeling confident again

I didn’t have much money so the food I bought and ate wasn’t organic or premium in any way. It was economy fruit and vegetables, and medium-value (red-tractor labelled) meat and fish. I drank tap water and occasionally bottled sparkling water.

And that was all it took. Two months later I had lost the baby weight, my skin was gleaming and I was headache free. I was never hungry. I had large platefuls of food at every meal and I also stopped skipping breakfast and lunch (which I had been doing when I was busy).

The concept of clean eating for weight loss is not revolutionary. I didn’t invent it nor am I doing anything that hasn’t been done before. The concept is simple, just eat real food.

I promise you, it does work.

If you don’t have much spare time, or are new to clean eating, I have just launched a brand new 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge for weight loss. I have planned out 28 day’s worth of meals and snacks, and I have written out your shopping lists for you.

Fill up on porridge, yoghurt, scrambled eggs and homemade granola for breakfast; roasted butterbeans and popcorn for snacks; different homemade soups every week and dishes like turkey curry and lentil Bolognese for dinner.

The plan is easy to follow and highly affordable.

I don’t want to be that annoying, evangelical health convert, shouting from the roof-tops that my way of eating will change your life. But if you are fed up to the back teeth of dieting, then please give my food challenge a try.

Then you can shout about it for me!

Screenshot of Days 1-3 of the Clean Eating Challenge for Weight Loss

As a member you can print off the full meal challenge shopping lists and tick off each challenge meal as you complete it.

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Published by Sonia Nicholas, Founder of The Green Apple Club

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About the author: 

Sonia Nicholas is a Biomedical Scientist and Freelance Clinical Science Writer & Editor. She has been working in the field of clinical science for fifteen years.

Sonia believes that everyone can improve their health by eating a clean diet – a claim that scientific research increasingly supports. Sonia also believes that healthy, clean eating is accessible to all and doesn’t have to be an expensive lifestyle choice.

All of the information on The Green Apple Club website is in line with current, recommended Government guidelines. All of the articles are evidence based and fully scientifically referenced.

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