Fighting Cancer with Onions and Clean Eating

Fighting Back with Positivity (and Onions)

I’ve written about cancer for many years now. As a clinical editor and writer, I write about cancer diagnostics and cancer research – scientific breakthroughs that are helping the medical industry to diagnose cancer earlier and improve cancer treatments.

When Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015 I started to write about the relationship between food and cancer. As a result, cancer research is a subject that I know a huge amount about and it has always been fascinating to me as a scientist.

Despite writing professionally about cancer for so many years, I am completely unprepared for the personal experience of loving someone with cancer. Watching the disease eat away at a person from the inside out is awful beyond words. Every new day brings fresh challenges, and the roller-coaster of emotions is hard to ride. These emotions change from minute to minute, hour to hour.

Some days I’m so grateful for the time we all have together, I remember to be thankful for the love of my family and the precious, innocent joy of my children. On other day’s I feel sick to my stomach, unable to raise a genuine smile and with a curious sense of numbness that I’ve never felt before.

This morning is a good morning, I feel filled with a sense of positivity and the hope of a week without hospitals and anxiety. I’ve managed to get into the kitchen and as we speak I have a beautiful dish of early summer vegetables roasting in the oven. Jersey Royal potatoes, shallots and plump cherry tomatoes, all roasting gently in olive oil, garlic and lemon zest. When they’ve finished cooking I’m going scatter them with fresh basil from my kitchen window sill and freshly ground black pepper.

Roast summer vegetables 700 optimized

Food is integral to our health in so many ways. Cooking itself can bring us joy and calm, and eating fresh fruit and vegetables provides us with vital micronutrients. These compounds provide every cell of the body with the materials they need to keep us healthy. All of the ingredients in the dish I just described contain anticancer compounds and contribute to good health.

This week I’m writing about onions, as new research has shown once again just how powerful these vegetables are in combating the abnormal growth of cancer cells. One onion alone can’t protect you from cancer, but eating a variety of fresh vegetables a day can help your body to stop cancer before it even starts, and can help the body fight back against existing tumours.

So join me in the hope for a happy, healthy week, wherever you are and what ever challenges life is throwing at you.

Sonia Nicholas
12th June 2017


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To learn more about the intricate relationship between food and cancer, purchase the book ‘Food to Fight Cancer: What Your Doctors Aren’t Ready to Tell You’.

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