The 28 DAYS Challenge: What is it and Why Bother?

Cutting out all processed foods for a whole month is a pretty daunting task. You would be well within your rights to ask me why you would make such a monumental effort.

But let me answer a question with a question. How do you feel, right now, wherever you are reading these words?

Healthy? Energised? Clear headed?

Or do you have headaches? Bad skin? Problems with your weight? A lack of energy?


Could something in your diet be making you feel worse?

I didn’t know how badly the food I ate was affecting me until I stopped eating it. I thought I had a pretty healthy diet too. I ate fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, but I also ate low fat yoghurts, slimming cereal bars, processed deli meats, commercial granola and a myriad of other products that were marketed as being healthy but which I now believe to be the opposite.

I had migraines every week, I was tired, anxious and had a permanent brain-fog. But one month after cutting out processed food (and by default all chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar and cheap white flours), I felt like a different person.

It was a lot of work to make all of my food from scratch, but I planned my meals, I made shopping lists and I committed. And it was worth it to learn that I can’t tolerate even the smallest amount of aspartame; that eating regular, well balanced meals of unprocessed food would prevent me from getting migraines; and that eating good food would make me look and feel healthier than ever before.


I’ve made it easy for you

I want you to feel this good too, and to make things easier for you, I’ve done all of the planning and preparation already. I’ve drawn up the meal plans and shopping lists, all you have to do is provide the willpower.

My free E-book ‘The 28 DAYS Clean-Eating Challenge Guide’ will tell you everything else you need to know. The guide includes practical information on getting started, how to plan and balance your meals and all of the recipes from the challenge meal plans.


The book is free on Amazon Kindle for the next 2 days, so grab your copy now and join me on a clean-eating adventure! I’m doing the 28 DAYS Challenge starting on June 4th, will you join me?


If you don’t have a Kindle then you can download the free Kindle app from Amazon and read the book on your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

Join the June 4th 28 DAYS Clean-Eating Facebook Challenge here!

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