28 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Week 1 of the Group 28 DAYS Challenge

I’m writing this post in my living room, while my 4 year old son lies on the floor having a tantrum because his sister breathed near him. Alvin and the Chipmunks (The Road Chip) is playing in the background and it is 6am on a Sunday morning.

Wow, my life is so rock and roll these days!

Life is busy for all of us. So much so that we often forget to put ourselves first. I’m right there with you I promise! But after Christmas, a time for families and often excess, January is a time to focus on being good to yourself.

Today marks the end of week 1 for our group 28 DAYS Clean Eating Challenge. There are a great group of us completing this challenge together, some of you are sharing photos and updates in our Facebook group. Others are keeping me updated by email, text and Whatsapp. I’m also providing a monologue in the forum for those of you not on Facebook – it’s quite freeing just blathering away on my own in there, but do feel free to join in and keep me company!!!

You may have experienced headaches this week from sugar and additive withdrawals. This is completely normal and should have subsided by now. Week 1 is the week in which you may physically feel the worst, as your body readjusts to new healthy food, a regular eating schedule and the withdrawal of refined carbohydrates. Towards the end of the week you may also find your skin breaking out. This is normal and necessary, don’t worry, your skin will look clearer than ever before in a weeks time. Drink plenty of water and soldier on!

In week 2 you will start to readjust to your dietary changes. This week you may start to get some more serious cravings, as the little gremlin in your head tells you that just one glass of wine won’t do you any harm. Stay committed, remember this is just one month of your life.


Fallen off the wagon? Then get straight back on again! The most valuable health lesson that I ever learnt, was that one wrong choice doesn’t determine the rest of my day, week or month. So you ate off-plan, accept the choice and get back on-plan. You’re a grown-up, take control of your own decisions and your own health.

Let me remind you of the benefits of completing the challenge:

Weight loss – many of our challengers lose a stone in weight (some have lost two)

Clear skin – smooth, radiant skin that is well hydrated and fresh

Fewer headaches – once the withdrawal headaches have subsided, you’ll experience fewer headaches as your body hormones become balanced throughout the month

Increased energy and improved sleep – another benefit of regulating hormones and eating regular, balanced meals is that your energy levels will stabilise and you’ll experience better quality sleep

Now, let’s get ready for next week. Members you can find your meal plans, prep list and shopping list from your membership account page. Not a member? Join our community for free and start your own challenge today.

Bring on week 2!

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