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Health, Wealth & Happiness: Royall Wealth Club Event, Bristol

The Green Apple Club is a proud partner of the Royall Wealth Club, an exclusive Club that focuses on bringing together three key concepts for total wellness – health, wealth and happiness.

Founded and run by Independent Financial Advisor, Derrick Royall, the Club hosts exclusive events at which selected speakers share their knowledge and expertise in the areas of finance, exercise, healthy eating and wellness.

If you want to be inspired by creative ways of developing your wealth, then the next event, ‘Imaginative Wealth Creation’, takes place this Friday 28th April. At this event, three key presenters will be sharing their innovative funding and wealth creation ideas.

Speakers include:

Jo Thresher: Managing Director, Better With Money

Jo has been a financial services professional for nearly 30 years and has won awards for her work. She understands the gaps between what financial services offers and what people actually want and need. She uses her experience as a trained money coach to provide advice to a wide range of people.
Jo will explain how managing your own finances will set the foundations for your wealth creation and the importance of financial education for all.#

Vashti Seth: Founder, Deki

The founder of Deki, a Bristol-based charity, will discuss how they help to create and support entrepreneurs all across the world to provide for their families and turn their lives around. They do this through the distribution of capital from willing lenders who are looking for an impactful way to invest their money.
This talk will be both informative and inspiring to explore the lives they have affected through the projects they have supported.

Ian Townsend: Chief Executive, Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Our keynote speaker Ian Townsend is Chief Executive of Bristol Green Capital Partnership, a network driven to achieve a sustainable and green city. Ian joined the partnership in June 2016 as its first CEO.

Ian has previously worked at senior levels in international development, government and Parliament. e Bristol Green Capital Partnership is an independent leadership organisation whose aim is to make Bristol “a low carbon city with a high quality of life for all”. Founded in 2007, and formed as a Community Interest Company in 2014, the Bristol Green Capital Partnership now has over 850 member organisations, ranging from businesses and the public sector to charities and community organisations.

This offers them a unique insight into the challenges facing Bristol and the thinking behind the future direction of the Greater Bristol area.

Ian will deliver his keynote speech, “The Challenges and Future Trends Affecting Bristol and How We Can Invest Together to Make Bristol a Better Place for All”, drawing on his experiences to date and demonstrating how these lessons can be applied to future projects for innovative wealth creation.

The event will be held at Bordeaux Quay, V-Shed, Canons Way, Bristol, BS1 5UH. Purchase tickets here.

Learn more about the Royall Wealth Club.

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