Clean Eating Cinnamon Rolls

How to Make Healthy Cinnamon Rolls

I was watching a cookery programme on the TV last week and they were making cinnamon rolls. They looked so good I could almost smell them, and I’ve been fantasising about them ever since.

I could have gone out and bought a cinnamon roll from a shop. But at the moment I’m in a great place with my food and I genuinely don’t want to eat a conventional cinnamon bun. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t contribute anything nutritionally to the body, instead, the processed rolls are made some sort of fat (possibly butter but more likely a cheaper refined vegetable oil), refined white sugar and refined white flour, filled with more refined sugar (the cinnamon filling) and then topped with even more refined sugar (in the white icing). Yikes, that definitely doesn’t really fit with my food plan for the week.

So as usual, if you want something doing right, you have to do it yourself! You might have all of these ingredients in your kitchen already, I did so I didn’t even have to schlep off to ASDA (a cooking win!). I started by activating my dried yeast in a bowl of warm almond milk with honey, olive oil and a little salt. You want the milk to be warm but not hot, you want to wake the yeast up not kill it off. You can see from the below photos that it only takes 15 minutes for the yeast to kick in and start frothing up.

Making healthy cinnamon rolls


Then I added some flour – I made these rolls with a mixture of oat flour (which I made myself by whizzing up some porridge oats in a blender) and wholemeal spelt flour. I wanted to use only wholegrains, but I also didn’t want the dough to be too heavy. Spelt flour is a little lighter than wholemeal flour and contains less gluten so is easier on the digestion. The oat flour further helps to reduce gluten content and lighten the dough up. Both of these flours contribute nutritional value to the body, so already we are up on the shop-bought cinnamon rolls!

I worked the dough for a few minutes to activate the gluten, then let it rise for 15 minutes, while I whipped up a quick Apple Sours Smoothie for my mid-morning snack. Then I rolled the dough out on a flat, lightly floured surface, into a rectangle about ¼ inch thick.

I brushed the surface of the dough with olive oil and then sprinkled generously with coconut sugar and cinnamon (naughty but nicely natural). Then I carefully rolled the dough up and sliced it into rounds.

Making healthy cinnamon rolls


I put the rounds into a baking tin lined with baking paper and waited for it to double in size. I waited and waited, and finally, after about 45 minutes it was just about there – wholemeal flours do take longer to rise than white flours so you have to be patient …….

And then I baked them for 30 minutes, and my house slowly filled with the delicious smells of baked yeasted bread, with a sweet aroma of sugar and cinnamon. Omg it’s just the best smell ever!

Making healthy cinnamon rolls


And there you are, clean eating cinnamon rolls, made with wholegrain goodness and a sweet treat cinnamon filling. I drizzled mine with a tiny bit of dark chocolate and they are AMAZEBALLS. You must try these Clean Eating Cinnamon Rolls immediately, enjoy!

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