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Healthy Eating on a Budget: Eat Clean for £1.60 a Day!

There is a general perception that healthy eating is an expensive lifestyle choice. This might be true if you do all of your shopping in organic health food shops and supermarkets; some healthy ‘super-foods’ like chia seeds, organic ghee and coconut oil can be eye-wateringly expensive!

But actually, for everyday people going about their busy lives, it is possible to eat a healthy diet (free from refined sugars and carbohydrates, with no artificial additives) for a very small amount of money. Eating healthy food on a budget requires some effort it’s true. Meal planning, food prep and shopping around for special offers can help to keep food budgets very low.

But the below recipes were made using ingredients I ordered with my online shopping from Tesco. If you had the porridge for breakfast, the soup for lunch and the Bolognese for tea, it would cost you £1.60 a day (per adult). Now you might want to add a few slices of wholemeal bread to your lunch, and have a dessert with your tea, but we would still be talking about a cost in the region of £2.50 a day. That’s less than you would pay for a pre-packed sandwich in most supermarkets!

Apple & Raisin Porridge – 86p 

Apple and Raisin Porridge


Butter Bean & Tomato Soup – 45p 

butter bean and tomato soup

Lentil & Herb Bolognese – 29p 

lentil bolognese


You would feel pretty saintly if you ate meals like this every day. They are all low in fat and high in fruit and vegetables. They are also pretty filling dishes. I’ll admit that I picked a meat-free dish for the sake of making a point (veggie dishes are almost always comparatively cheaper).

But I think it is a point well made, don’t you?

Healthy eating on a budget is entirely possible. There are many reasons why people don’t feel ready to change their lifestyles, but I’m taking lack of money off the table.


Sonia Nicholas


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