Healthy Recipes For Kids: Now it’s Your Turn!

Last week I made a healthy budget meal every evening and asked my family to eat it and tell me if they liked it or not. I was a bit nervous that they would show me up, but I promised myself that I would document their views honestly! You can find the links to each individual day’s blog post below.

Did they eat it? Overall, much to my surprise, yes they did!

We eat a generally healthy diet. My children are used to eating fruit and vegetables with all of their meals, they are used to eating wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta. I realise that depending on what your family eat normally, you may have a different experience to me. However, what this week has reminded me that we often make assumptions that children won’t eat certain things, I know I do. But you have to keep trying them with a variety of different foods and they may well surprise you.

Images of 6 of the 7 meals we ate last week

Remember, that the food our children eat today, can have an affect on how healthy they are tomorrow, and in their future.

Last week was also a good reminder of how cheap and easy it can be to feed a family healthy, tasty food with really only minimal planning and forethought.

How would your children fare? Well you can find out! As well as documenting each day in a blog post (links below), I took a picture of each meal. The more complicated meals have recipes which I have linked to in the relevant articles.

Will your children eat them too?


SATURDAYSimple Roast Chicken – £3.15

SUNDAYMini Cottage Pies – £4.00

MONDAYChicken & Broccoli Stir-Fry – £4.41

TUESDAYHomemade Fish Fingers – £5.37

WEDNESDAYTuna Pasta Bake – £1.53

THURSDAYCheesy Omelette – £2.07

FRIDAYMini Pitta Pizza’s – £2.99


Grand total cost for our family of 4 for 7 days (2 adults, 2 young children) = £23.52

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