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I’m sorry to have deserted you all for a week. I am just emerging from an internet-free holiday in Yorkshire. Since my entire career revolves around being online, it has been very freeing (and a little alarming) to be ‘offline’ for so long. However I promised both MrN and my children that I would actually stop working for our entire holiday, and it has been enormously restorative.

I have been feeling increasingly tired and drained over the last few months. Like most mums with young children, I find it hard sometimes to juggle work commitments, exercise and family life. But this holiday has been the recharge that I needed and I am literally desperate to get back in my kitchen! I might have promised to stay offline, but my mind has been busy creating new recipes to try out on you all!

In the week before I went on holiday, I had a hospital appointment with a Dermatology Specialist. I will explain more in blog posts over the next few weeks, but I have been having some trouble with my skin in the form of white, depigmented patches on my hands and back. To cut a long story short, the doctors believe it to be the start of Vitiligo, an autoimmune condition in which the melanocytes (pigment producing cells) are attacked by the body’s own immune system.

Frustratingly, none of the doctors I have spoken to are remotely interested in exploring the reasons why this has suddenly happened. I suspect that my chronic (well-controlled) Rocacea and the Vitiligo could be connected. I further believe that good health comes from within and starts with the gut. My doctors don’t want to discuss the possible underlying causes for the conditions I have, they also only want to treat the symptoms – with super-strong steroid creams.

I don’t want to take medication that will have no effect at all on the pathological reason for my Vitiligo. I want to find the cause of the problem and resolve it. Over the next few months I am going to be exploring possible reasons for my skin issues, I’ll be eating clean as usual, but I’ll also be following an auto-immune diet protocol to see if my current diet is affecting my skin in any way. If any of you have had any relevant experience then I would love to hear it!

But for now, let me say that I am delighted to be back in The Green Apple Club kitchen again.

 New clean-eating recipes are on their way!

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