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I’m Dreaming of a Clean Christmas

Christmas for me is a time of love, laughter, family and of course, delicious food. I don’t want to miss out on the foodie treats on offer at Christmas, but nor do I want to spend Boxing Day in a darkened room unable to open my eyes because I’ve given myself a migraine.

The more you eat a healthy diet full of unprocessed food, the more you find processed food ultimately disappointing. For example, I never used to be able to detect artificial sweeteners just by taste; but now that I never (knowingly) eat or drink them, I can spot them a mile off. I find them too sweet and too fake now, with a disconcerting after-taste.


mince pies 600
My sour cherry mince pies contain no refined-sugar, no refined flour and nothing artificial

Sometimes, this disappointment with processed food is annoying to me. When I’ve had a bad day, or I’m feeling lazy, I want to eat some biscuits with a cup of tea and enjoy them. It is irritating to me, on those days, that they no longer taste good. Then the moment passes and I realise that the reason those cheap biscuits taste so unappealing is because real food, made with natural ingredients tastes amazing. What’s more, eating the food that I do, improves my health. And you can’t really be annoyed with that!

This Christmas I will be serving up every festive favourite that my family expects. We will eat juicy, succulent roast turkey; warm and spicy braised red cabbage (a family tradition); crispy balsamic roasted sprouts; and glossy, home-made, refined sugar-free cranberry sauce.


Red cabbage braised with apples and spices is a family favourite of ours
Red cabbage braised with apples and spices is a family favourite of ours

For dessert we will have a deliciously moist Christmas fig pudding flavoured with clementines and spice, and sour cherry mince pies.

All of these recipes are available to you, on The Green Apple Club website and I hope that you enjoy them as much as my family does.

Succulent Citrus Roasted Turkey

Crispy Balsamic Sprouts

Red Cabbage Braised with Apples

Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce

Citrus & Spice Christmas Pudding

Mini Sour Cherry Mince Pies


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