No New Recipes so it’s Crisps for Breakfast

I’ll start with an apology, for the lack of new recipes and articles going up on the website at the moment. I haven’t forgotten you all, and I haven’t stopped believing in the power of clean eating. Life has simply gotten in the way of my work at the moment.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the acute oncology ward at the Bristol Royal Infirmary this week with Dad. It is a frightening and depressing place to be, although the NHS staff are simply amazing. People knock the NHS, and I’m an outspoken critic of the way the NHS approaches certain chronic diseases and nutrition. However, for acute medicine, the caring nursing staff, skilled, knowledgeable doctors, cheery porters and everyone else in between, the NHS is absolutely awe inspiring.

The people looking after Dad are cool, calm and collected. I am none of these things at the moment. In my last blog post I told you that my meal planning had gone out of the window. Despite my best intentions to get back on the wagon, things have degenerated further this week. Not only have I not planned meals, I haven’t done any shopping either. A few nights ago, I got home from the hospital and ate a salmon fillet and a single tomato for tea. The next morning I went to work, but because I hadn’t done any shopping, I didn’t have any food to eat let alone cook. I ended up eating some dry vegetable crackers in the car for breakfast. It was only when I got home from work that I realised that I’d also been wearing my top inside out for the whole day!

While my meal planning has fallen apart, other aspects of my life have come into clear focus again. I am once again renewed in my belief that the food we eat can help to keep cancer at bay, and prevent cancer from occurring. Dad received a terminal outlook at his initial diagnosis, but we both believe that his approach to his diet helped to slow the cancer down and enabled his body to fight back for longer.

So many others are diagnosed with cancers that are not incurable. For these people, eating an anticancer diet could help to support them back to full health – in conjunction with their medical treatments of course. For the rest of us who are lucky enough not to have cancer, the right diet really can help to prevent future risk of cancer. Up to 30% of cancer’s are preventable.

I’ve doubted myself many times in the last few years, but after sitting on the oncology ward these last few weeks I am ready to start talking about an anticancer diet once more. So while there are no new recipes this week, I would like to remind you that my book ‘Food to Fight Cancer: What Your Doctors Aren’t Ready to Tell You’ is available to purchase in the TGAC shop. I don’t profit from the sale of this book, the revenue generated goes towards keeping this website running.

I’ll say goodbye for now, as I wander off to see if I have anything worth eating in my kitchen cupboards – I already know the answer to this. It’s time to do some online food shopping because more than anything, I want myself and my family to be healthy. And eating crisps for breakfast is not going to help us get there!


Ps. If you are visiting a loved one with cancer, then you can also purchase my Anticancer Snack Hamper. This hamper is a portable selection of clean eating snacks that all contain laboratory displayed anticancer compounds.

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