Press Coverage and My First Kindle E-Book – Yikes

I am sitting in my home office (a very grand name for what is actually a desk in our spare room), writing this as my youngest son listens to a very loud YouTube video showing a small, Spanish boy making things out of playdough. MasterN has chicken pox, the first of the spots just appeared last night. He is very proud of them.

I have approximately 10 minutes to write this before he gets too bored, at which point I have promised him that we’ll go and find something more fun to do.

Being able to work from home on days like this is a huge relief. A few months ago I would have been sick with worry about having to take up to two weeks off work. Now I just know I’ll have some late nights of home working coming up – a small price to pay!

Since giving up my office job and starting my own business, The Green Apple Club has evolved and changed in ways that I never expected. I write much more about food and health, as opposed to healthy food and budget, as I had initially planned.

I have received my first local press coverage, around the recent food and cancer feature, both in The Bristol Post, and also my first ever (very brief) television interview. You can view the on-demand episode here – I’m on at around the 6 minute mark. I’m embarrassed by how much I spoke during the interview (a lot) and how much made it into the actual clip that was aired (about two sentences).

The interest in the food and cancer feature has been overwhelming, much more than I was expecting. As such, I have just published my first E-book on Amazon!

Food to Fight Cancer: What Your Doctors Aren’t Ready to Tell You


The book contains articles and recipes from the feature, as well as more information on how food is so intricately linked to cancer. You can learn about the foods that cause cancer and the foods that help to fight cancer.

The book is available for free on Kindle for the next three days, starting tomorrow. Please feel free to share the link above with anyone that you think might be interested in reading it. I’m very keen to generate some reviews so if you have the time, please do let other Amazon readers (and me) know if it is any good!

This marks the end of the special focus on food and cancer, although I will keep writing articles on the topic and will continue to publish recipes that are naturally anticancer.

Thank you all for your support so far, it means the world to me and keeps me going when I doubt myself and the choices I’ve made over the last six months.

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