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PYO Fruit in the Great British Summer

Dad and I managed to stay out of Acute Oncology for nearly two whole weeks (a record broken by a four hour visit yesterday) and so life had settled down again, at least for a bit. Last weekend we went to our local ‘pick your own’ (PYO) fruit farm, braving a damp and grey early morning. The strawberries were just coming to an end, although we managed to find enough for a punnet. Then we left the droves of people searching for a few last strawberries and went off in search of other fruit treasures.

While the strawberry fields were packed with people, the blackcurrant bushes were deserted and we were the only people there! We made the most of it and picked a large punnet of gloriously glossy, dark purple blackcurrants. The taste of fresh blackcurrants is divine, and quite unexpected I always think. Nothing like the commercial blackcurrant squashes that most people know these little berries for. The currants themselves are tart and with the most distinctive flavour, that I find I can’t describe adequately in words. They are delicious and I urge you to go and find some too (even if its only from the local supermarket – I saw some in Waitrose yesterday).

PYO Fruit Picking - Clean Eating Blog
We ate most of the strawberries as they were, fresh, sweet and untouched. Then we made strawberry ice cream shakes with the last few. But the blackcurrants are a little tart, even for me, to just sit and eat lots of them raw. I put them in a pan with a little water and some coconut sugar and simmered them down into a simple compote. Then I transferred the glossy, ruby red compote into a pie tin and topped with a really simple, nutritious crumble topping. I made this from ground almonds, crushed pecans, coconut oil and some maple syrup. This clean crumble needs to be baked at a high heat to get a little crunch on top and is then delicious topped with some cream (or whipped coconut cream if you’re dairy-free like us).

PYO Clean Eating Blog - Green Apple Club

I plan to take some of the crumble over to Dad, as blackcurrants are a natural super food. They are full of vitamin C and B vitamins, they are also chock full of anticancer anthocyanins. And Dad can never have too many anticancer anthocyanins! Plus, he told me the other day that he loves fresh blackcurrants so I’m hoping this will tempt him to eat more.

So, before the fruit picking season ends, you need to find your nearest PYO fruit farm and hunt out those blackcurrant bushes. Hopefully no one else will have find them yet and you’ll have your pick of the best ones. Then make my healthy clean eating blackcurrant crumble and rejoice in the Great British summer (damp drizzle and all)!

Sonia Nicholas

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