Quick Clean Eating Dinners for Children

New Video Series: Quick Clean Eating Dinners for Children!

I get asked all the time about what I cook for my children, do they eat healthy food all the time, how do I find the time to cook food from scratch, do I ever just give them chicken nuggets from the freezer?

The truth is that I’m just a normal, busy, stressed-out Mum, the same as everyone else! My children eat the healthiest diet that I can provide for them, they eat a lot of homecooked food, they also refuse to eat a lot of homecooked food, and yes, sometimes I feed them chicken nuggets from the freezer!

I have a couple of super-quick, healthy recipes up my sleeve, that my children love and are happy to eat every week. Over the next few weeks I’m going to share these recipes with you in a series of short videos, so that you too can be confident about feeding your children good food that contributes to their good health.

The first of these is my 5 Minute Chicken & Sweetcorn Noodles. This recipe uses wholewheat noodles, fresh chicken, sweetcorn and a quick sauce made from a vegetable stock base. The dish takes about 5 minutes to prepare and it is very child-friendly. I hope you find it useful!


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