Dark Chocolate Simnel Truffles

These decadent dark chocolate truffles are inspired by an Easter classic, the Simnel cake. Homemade clean eating marzipan is encased in a rich, dark chocolate ganache and then dusted with cocoa powder. The dark chocolate used in this recipe is sweetened with coconut sugar rather than refined white sugar. 


Makes 10 truffles.

  1. Melt the chocolate, coconut oil, coconut cream and vanilla extract very gently in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Once all of the ingredients are melted and well combined, pour the ganache into a bowl or Tupperware container and put in the fridge to cool.
  2. Add your almond flour, maple syrup and almond extract to a medium sized mixing bowl. Stir with a metal spoon to mix the ingredients well and start bringing the mixture together.
  3. Using your hands, continue to bring together the marzipan mixture into a ball. After a few minutes, the loose breadcrumb-like texture should start to stick together to form a moist but crumbly dough. Keep kneading until the dough forms a tightly packed ball of marzipan.
  4. Roll the dough out with your hands to form a thick sausage. Using a knife, divide the mixture into 10 evenly sized pieces.
  5. Using the palms of your hands, roll each piece into a ball.
  6. Take your chocolate ganache out of the fridge, you want it to be a thick, glossy consistency. Spear a marzipan ball on a skewer and coat it evenly in chocolate. If you don’t have a skewer you can use 2 teaspoons to roll the marzipan in the chocolate. Set the covered marzipan down on a sheet of greaseproof paper. Repeat the process until all of the balls are coated.
  7. The first truffle you coated should be starting to set, repeat the whole process until each truffle has 2 coats of chocolate ganache. Then leave for 30 minutes to harden.
  8. Roll each truffle in cocoa powder and enjoy!


Read the blog post: Clean Eating Treats from TGAC Kitchen: Simnel Truffles, for a visual guide to the method and further information.

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